Sunday, January 12, 2014

Single-subject or non-production groups

These San Francisco Bay Area groups focus on a single subject, or on a portion of the filmmaking process other than production.

- Producer Foundry is an organization which, as of April 2014, is organizing monthly networking and speaker events in San Francisco.

What they say:
We are a hub for filmmakers who think like entrepreneurs (or who WANT to think like entrepreneurs), creating projects that make money. We are a place to gather and talk about the challenges of living and working in independent film, and to meet people who can help you overcome those challenges.

And here's their description of their monthly "Entreproducers" meetings:
A monthly gathering of Entrepreneurial filmmakers in the Bay Area. The Townhall is all about getting Filmmakers, Marketers, and Business people talking and networking... The Townhalls are for sharing useful information, and meeting useful people to grow your team and your company to the next level.

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- SFcutters is a San Francisco Bay Area editing (NLE) group, originally focused on Final Cut Pro, but now including Adobe Premiere as well.  The group has been in existence for over 10 years, and holds regular meetings.
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- Bay Area HSDLR meets periodically in San Francisco.  Their description: "This group discusses techniques and equipment related to HDSLR photo and video production. Anyone who is interested in the latest and greatest technology should join. We can learn from each other, swap stories and even equipment."
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- The (Adobe) Creative Cloud User Group of San Jose "was established to provide professionals in San Jose and surrounding areas a venue for networking and learning about the latest in Adobe Software."
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