Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome to BayAreaFilm

This mini-site represents an initial effort to create a list of movie and filmmaking resources in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an emphasis on resources useful for the hobbyist and small-budget professional.  I started this site out of frustration with my inability to find a unified source of information about the various short film production groups that operate in northern California.

This site will maintain one page for each resource type, with an index here on this main page.

Individual resource pages (planned or written):
- Filmmaking groups in the San Francisco Bay Area
- Single-subject or non-production groups
- Training and classes
- Meta: Other resource pages

I don't presently have plans to create resource pages for these categories:
- Commercial production service firms (see reeldirectory instead).
- Film festivals (too many to list, though SFmission has tried ; also see the San Jose Short Film Festival).